Howl Running Club

A fun new running club for all ability levels located in Livingston County Michigan.

    Howl Running Club


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    Howl Running Club

    Post  Jammy11b on Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:14 am


    So, Livingston County doesn't really have a running club near as I can tell. So let's fill the need!

    Our intent is to create a fun, informal club for local runners to enjoy the company of like minded athletes. Whether you've never run a mile or just finished your 100th ultra we'd love for you to come out and run with us. Men, women, young and old are all welcome. Runs will be based on the abilities of those that show up and modified as needed. Mainly, this is a way for us to communicate, keep one and other motivated, and find other runners to enjoy the sport with.

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